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Modern ‘Democracy’ Is The Ultimate Great Fraud

::: by blues :::

So-called (modern) “democracy” is a complete joke and “republicanism” is much worse, lately because of complicated, shrouded vote casting and counting machines, and for centuries, the single selection (so-called “plurality”) voting method. Due to the spoiler effect this always brings about a two-party “system” that is a farce and a fraud. The only thing that will ever work is the simplest form of score voting. It is so simple. Give no votes at all, or one to ten votes (a “score”) to any number of candidates you wish (within some reasonable number, say, 20). Simply add the votes up. SIMPLE! If you give someone eight votes rather than ten, you will have only sacrificed 20% of your vote, of course. Vote artfully, NOT artlessly! (Do not deny yourself the power of strategy.) (If a voter accidentally gives a candidate two scores, count the lower one.) This fraudulent “democracy” could have been repaired in this simple way centuries ago.

A Genuine Solution!

::: by blues :::

This website will describe the only voting system that is extremely simple, and effective, and which foils the lesser evil / spoiler effect which imposes a so-called two-party system that is controlled by ruling classes. The system will not require complex vote-casting and counting machines, and be free of the many unwarranted assumptions of the contemporary election methods mavens.

For now, this is a work in progress.