Ranked Choice Voting Has Always Failed

“It was stated to the general public that they were making baby carriages and Volkswagen parts. There was a story going the rounds when they were there that one of the workers wives was expecting a baby. As baby carriages were in short supply, it was decided that each man would secretly take out a part of the Volkswagen and build her a baby carriage — which they did, and when they had assembled the parts, the result was a gun carriage.” (This may be a strange war rumor, or a peculiar cautionary tale, but sometimes life imitates legend.)

Here, I will explain why the massively corporate foundation funded ranked choice voting stealth political movement is fraudulent, and will only usher in democracy destruction. Also I will describe alternatives that will actually work very well.

I meant to begin building this blog this past week, but stuff happens. There’s other stuff to read in the links, however. Enjoy.

2 responses to “Ranked Choice Voting Has Always Failed

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  2. could this place be the new barin town

    maybe a couple of covid links would help start a free discussion?

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