Parallel Stealth Narrative

“Why can’t we just let people believe some things?”, this thoughtful man or woman wanted to know. What is wrong, in other words, if thinking and believing nice things that aren’t true makes people feel better?

“America the beautiful, or something like that.”


Computer voting is safe? Computer anything is safe? Really?

They say the Russians hacked the elections. They say the Russians accomplished this by influencing the tender minds of all the American stooges. We are obliged to admit to being stooges, which is radically insulting.

That is what they say, but is not what we are intended to hear. We are actually hearing that the Russians hacked the sacred voting computers, even though that is not technically what they are saying. Because if they technically were to say that we would become obliged to go back to truly legitimate hand counted paper ballots.

Such is the awesome power of the Parallel Stealth Narrative.

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