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Ranked Choice Voting: A Brilliantly Seductive Garden Path to Tyranny

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Survival in the Grip of Luxthralldom “c“

Exegesis of the Concept of Hypercrafting “b“

Hypercrafting “a“

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The Cryptoscenti

Some (temporary) links for Donna:

Multiple local news stations say the same thing verbatim:

TOP 10 AMERICAN SLUMS – Exploring ghettos in the USA through Google Street

The Oakland, California Homeless Problem is Beyond Belief


Putin stops Azovstal assault. GL collective west silence. Putin’s BIG warning Sarmat ICBM. Update 2


Is right now being suppressed by Google, Startpage, and DuckDuckGo. It is, however, being listed properly by Yandex.

Why would that be?

Potemkin Village Sham Democracy

Eleet fascist controlled Potemkin village sham democracy, and intellectual hobbling, is all you were ever offered. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.

Global Mutiny is your only way out.

Parallel Stealth Narrative

“Why can’t we just let people believe some things?”, this thoughtful man or woman wanted to know. What is wrong, in other words, if thinking and believing nice things that aren’t true makes people feel better?

“America the beautiful, or something like that.”


Computer voting is safe? Computer anything is safe? Really?

They say the Russians hacked the elections. They say the Russians accomplished this by influencing the tender minds of all the American stooges. We are obliged to admit to being stooges, which is radically insulting.

That is what they say, but is not what we are intended to hear. We are actually hearing that the Russians hacked the sacred voting computers, even though that is not technically what they are saying. Because if they technically were to say that we would become obliged to go back to truly legitimate hand counted paper ballots.

Such is the awesome power of the Parallel Stealth Narrative.

Ranked Choice Voting Has Always Failed

“It was stated to the general public that they were making baby carriages and Volkswagen parts. There was a story going the rounds when they were there that one of the workers wives was expecting a baby. As baby carriages were in short supply, it was decided that each man would secretly take out a part of the Volkswagen and build her a baby carriage — which they did, and when they had assembled the parts, the result was a gun carriage.” (This may be a strange war rumor, or a peculiar cautionary tale, but sometimes life imitates legend.)

Here, I will explain why the massively corporate foundation funded ranked choice voting stealth political movement is fraudulent, and will only usher in democracy destruction. Also I will describe alternatives that will actually work very well.

I meant to begin building this blog this past week, but stuff happens. There’s other stuff to read in the links, however. Enjoy.

A New Beginning For This Blog!

As of April 24, 2021, I will have many things to say on this blog. There will be a lot of info regarding the Global Mutiny, the most beneficial political polling and election systems, and the people who are laboring to make them far more complicated and incomprehensible than they ought to be.

I expect to report on any progress regarding the Mutiny in general.

Also, I will write about some subjects unrelated to that, which some readers will doubtless find uninteresting or too technically specialized. I hope to describe all sorts of wild thoughts and odd pieces of information that I have been accumulating over the years.

I really hope it will turn out to be a thrilling roller coaster.

Getting your email working again {n9gc}

Temporary “letter” to Carolyn:
(Save this note with copy/paste and Microsoft Word, or LibreOffice, or OpenOffice!!!! I will call you.)

You should probably abandon WestHost, which is now pricey and bureaucratic. Please check out these GREAT services:

# The cost of the service is $12 per year.

# When you choose your e-mail address, you can use your own domain instead of

# “Our Private Concierge migration service renders moving your users to PolarisMail a breeze. One of our engineers will walk you through all the details and set up a migration plan with you.”

# You must set up their service prior to use. Their chat system during business hours is the best help service. Also: “Talk with real people! Our support team will assist you in solving any issues or answer your questions – via chat, e-mail or phone support.” See “Personal support”.

# The regular Polaris email login is:

# Have a username ready like –/ carolyn ~at~ /– (make sure your domain name has not temporarily expired). I ONLY USE NEARLY FREE SPEECH TO HOLD MY DOMAIN REGISTRATIONS!!!:

Have two good passwords, for both the domain name “membership” and your Polarismail email password. Something like:

–/ icebergescortF<2 /–.

— blues

ADDENDUM, finding lost LibreOffice file:

Check this (probably not useful!):

If you don’t have it, get Agent Ransack to find lost files.

“Set standard or advanced file search criteria

“If you are an expert, you can apply more filters to the search, so as to ensure the results are the expected ones. More precisely, you can mention the approximate size the target files should have or you can specify the created, modified or last accessed date. Needless to say, if you do not know these details, you can simply disable them.

“Once the search process is complete, Agent Ransack displays a summary with the detected files, and you can preview their contents without even leaving the app – this way, you can easily copy the path of the file you were looking for or open the folder where it is located.”

Agent Ransack:

I avoid LibreOffice when I can (e.g. when PDF format is not required, but I create content in a simpler program). I always use the ROCK-SOLID Geany “mini-IDE” so-called “developer editor” to generate simple TXT documents.


Geany Spellcheck Plugin:

Spellcheck Dictionary:

Geany is the best!

— blues

The World Cannot Continue To Support The Status Quo

We must begin to represent ourselves. The madness and confusion has become overwhelming. The common people must speak out now!

Hi People From Stop Me Before…

::: by blues :::

I can hardly type at all — so I don’t want to run a (non-static) blog.

You should be able to leave messages here very easily! (Especially during this time — Nov. 17, 2015.) WordPress is making me “approve ” comments, so it may be an hour or a day before they appear. Sorry. You can also register.

Please leave your blog name at the top, for example:

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(If Michael dislikes this invitation, he may let me know here.)

Love to all.